So how did you get into chocolate?

This is the question that I get asked almost every time someone learns that I'm a chocolatière. My way to chocolate evolved over time. It began with the recognition that I was drawn to diverse cultures and languages. My dad was in Taiwan's diplomatic service. We lived in Spain, Ecuador, and Brazil, and I learned to speak five languages. As a young professional, I worked in finance and risk management consulting thrilled to use my language skills. But even though I was in a global environment, corporate life didn't resonate with me. 

Next, the decision to relocate to Portland with my husband forced me to rethink my career. I went to culinary school because I realized that food brings people together. I focused on Patisserie and Baking because of my love for sweets. It was there that chocolate became my passion; it struck me as a universal language appealing to the tastes and sensibilities of people from numerous backgrounds. 

Chocolate is comforting, romantic, and sensual. I look to multiple sources of inspiration -- the changing seasons, the emotional and cultural tones of various holidays and celebrations -- so that I can create chocolates that evoke these feelings and experiences for you. 

This page’s photography by Kim Chen and Leah Verwey.